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One of the aims of a Paqo of the Inca tradition is to prepare “the return of the Inca” understood as the recovery of the level of human consciousness of enlightenment - just as Pachakuti Inca Yupanki did in 1438. According to the prophecy of Inca tradition, the transformation was launched in 1990 and since 2012 we have been waiting for the re-manifestation of this sixth level of consciousness.

Taripay Pacha means "Golden Age of Human Reunion". Its distinguishing feature is the simultaneous enlightenment of a man and a woman who symbolically express themselves as the return of the Inca and the Qoya (queen). As far as we know, the spiritual tradition of the Andes is the only wisdom teaaching that explicitly considers female enlightenment as part of its teaching.

In order to pave the way for this enlightened couple and to advance the process, Ivan and Juan Nuñez del Prado have launched a new event. For the Paqo Meeting in 2020 in Peru, they identified the six ruling couples of the Inca Empire Tawantinsuyo as well as their wakas (power places) and also restored the corresponding rituals.

According to the ancient masters, it is necessary to connect with these wakas, in which the power has previously manifested, with a suitable ritual (mast'ay) if one wants to regain that power.

The two teachers had already used this method in 2012 for their first International Paqo Meeting in Cusco. They had located the place where Pachakuti Inca Yupanki was enlightened and honoured this sacred place together with the group of Paqos in a ritual.

With their new event The Enlightened Couple, they offer a limited number of Paqos from around the world the opportunity to perform these collective ceremonies at the special power sites and to energetically support the arrival of the enlightened couple.

Itinerary receipt

1st day (Sept 3, 2022)

Arrival to Cusco, check-in at the hotel and registration. Introduction and presentation from 5pm to 7pm

2nd day (Sept 4, 2022)

Ritual at the Imperial Palace of Machu Picchu, where the five Inca couples of the modern Inca Empire were present

3rd day (Sept 5, 2022)

In the morning ceremony in Urpi Kancha with Huaskar Inca and Chuki Llanthu Qoya, in the afternoon in Tipon with Wayna Qhapaq Inca and Rawa Oqllo Qoya

4th day (Sept 6, 2022)

Energy work in Chinchero with Topa Inca Yupanki and Mama Oqllo Qoya

5th day (Sept 7, 2022)

Ritual of enlightenment at Lake Qori Qocha with Pachakuti Inca Yupanki and Chanan Qori Koka, Pachakuti’s mystical sister

6th day (Sept 8, 2022)

Awakening the Puma: Ceremony in Cusco with Pachakuti Inca Yupanki and Chanan Qori Koka

7th day (Sept 9, 2022)

In Puma Marka powerful union with the famous imperial couple Pachakuti Inca Yupanki and Mama Anawarqe Qoya

8th day (Sept 10, 2022)

Ritual in Moray with Pachamama, the Cosmic Mother, and then in Pachar with Mama Runtu Kayan, wife of Wiraqocha Inca (and mother of Pachakuti Inca)

9th day (Sept 11, 2022)

Urcos, the place of manifestation, is about the sixth level of consciousness. Coronation ceremony of Inca and Qoya in the Temple of Wiraqochan, the metaphysical god of the Incas

10th day (Sept 12, 2022)

Ritual in Kanin Kunka at Urcos to connect with Wiraqocha Inca, Wiraqochan (the metaphysical god) and Taytanchis Ranti (the seventh level of consciousness)

11th day (Sept 13, 2022)

Day 13 (Sept 14, 2022)

Our trip ends after the breakfast.


Travel dates & price

Start:Sept 3, 2022 in the afternoon (in Cusco)

End:Sept 14, 2022 in the morning (in Cusco)

The participation fee for the Paqo Meeting 2022 costs 2.500 EUR or 2.800 US$. The event starts in Cusco on Sept 3, 2022 at 5pm and ends in Cusco on Sept 15, 2022 after breakfast.

Travel price includes: 

For the Sacred Valley of Cusco Sept 3 (evening) until Sept 13, 2022 (morning)

Hotel room to share with your partner or a person of the same gender, half board (breakfast and lunch or dinner), all entrance fees and bus rides. On Sept 3 food is not included  

For Qoyllurrit'i Sept 13 (noon) until Sept 14 (evening)

Round trip from Cusco to Mawayani by bus, one night in a tent including mattress, sleeping bag as well as horse and full board. Hotel room and breakfast in Cusco from Sept 14 to Sept 15

Travel price does not include: 

Flights, ride from the airport to the hotel (and return), drinks for lunch and dinner as well as voluntary tips. Please consider around 25 EUR / 30 US$ per day for food and drinks.

Reservation & Payment

I, Jens Peter will take care of the organization for one royal lineage and I’m looking for eleven more people to join. Participation is possible for single travelers as well as for couples.

If you can imagine to join me, let me know via e-mail so that I can put you on the list. As soon as you are ready to make your reservation, send me a brief message via e-mail, I will then send you the invoice.

In order to secure your seat on this magnificent trip, please pay a deposit of 800 EUR / 1,000 US$ per person within 5 days and the residual amount before March 30, 2022.

To make sure that we can actually reach 144 participants, I will speak with the other worldwide organizers before Christmas about available seats. We will then see which country still has vacancies and we will then start to fill them with interested Paqos from other countries. By March 2022 at the latest, hopefully all 144 participants will be named.

Please note: in case we are not able to achieve our goal of attracting 144 participants for this event, this is not a sufficient reason for a free-of-charge cancellation. This spiritual journey will be carried out in any case as described above.

 Cancellation fees

 In case you cancel your participation before Jan 1, 2022, I will return your deposit and keep a processing fee of 50 EUR / 55 US$. 

If you cancel

After January 1, 2022 and before March 30, 2022, the cancellation fee is 750 EUR / 850 US$

  • on / after March 30, 2022 and before June 1, 2022, the cancellation fee is 1,250 EUR / 1,400 US$
  • on / after June 1, 2022 and before September 3, 2022, the cancellation fee is 1,750 EUR / 1,950 US$
  • on / after September 3, 2022, the entire participation fee of 2,500 EUR / 2,800 US$ is due

Travel insurance

Since life is not always predictable, we strongly recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. Should something change in your life and you can't participate it will in many cases pay the cancellation fees and then save you from the financial consequences.

Til rejseprisen skal du lægge fly tur-retur til Lima og tur-retur Lima til Cusco.

I Lima vil der også være en overnatning, da vi ankommer om aftenen og flyver videre om morgenen. Samtidig er det en stor fordel at have 2 dage i Cusco før selve turen med Juan og Ivan Nuñez del Prado begynder, så vi er lidt akklimatiserede.

Ialt vil der derfor være tre ekstra overnatninger, som du skal betale. 

Alt undevisning forgår på Engelsk

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For yderlig information om indvielsesrejser til Peru 

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Tlf. 28783435

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